As part of this exhibition, the memories of local people will be recorded and given pride of place.

What about you? Have you any family stories to share from these times?

What about photographs, postcards or letters?

From September 2020, you’ll be able to download them online and a selection will be chosen to feature in the exhibition as it travels through your area.

Starting December 2020, the immersive and participative ‘Land of Memory’ exhibition will be on the road, criss-crossing the Grande Région so you can find out more about the shared history of our different lands from before WW1 to the foundation of the Europe that we know today.

spincourt                01 décembre 2020 > 28 février 2021

bastogne                  mars > mai 2021

verdun                       juin > juillet 2021

hosingen                  15 août > 15 octobre 2021

saarbrücken       20 octobre 2021 > 20 janvier 2022

liège                            mars > mai 2022

shared memories

Latest contributions shared by the inhabitants of our Greater Region :