The project

The land of memory project

Today’s Europe as we know it today is the legacy of a complex history, rich in sometimes dramatic events, which have hit our cross-border territory hard, especially during the 20th century.

This reality goes well beyond the strict framework of the borders of the Greater Region, but the latter nevertheless concentrates an exceptional number of sites linked to the conflicts of the 20th century. Witnesses to our shared history, they have left an indelible mark on our territories, both physically and psychologically, and are still very much present in the collective memory.

In this general context, “Land of Memory” is intended to be a unifying project bringing together all sides of the Greater Region around a threefold objective: that of bearing witness to these strong historical events which led to the construction of the Europe today, to perpetuate the message of unity conveyed at the end of this horror of the two world wars and to strengthen the tourist activity generated by this theme.

In order to achieve this common objective, “Land of Memory” will strive to strengthen cohesion between the various large-regional actors concerned by the subject, to increase the visibility of the various places of memory scattered throughout the Greater Region, to improve the tourist offer dedicated to this theme and to position our territory among the must-see destinations on a global scale in terms of remembrance tourism.

The project 

The partners

Project partners:

IDELUX Public projects / Sector Bastogne, Association Touristique du Luxembourg Belge, Municipality of Tintigny, Municipality of Virton, Tourism Federation of the Province of Liège, Department of Meuse, CDT de la Meuse, CA du Grand Verdun, SEML Touristique, Grand Verdun , CC Damvillers Spincourt, Regional Tourist Office – Visit Eislek, Haute-Sûre Nature Park, Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur des Saarlandes.


Supported by the Interreg V A Greater Region program, the Land of Memory project aims to position the Greater Region as a reference destination on a European scale on 20th century memory themes.

To do this, the project partners have initiated a large series of projects including:

> The creation in early 2020 of a storytelling website:
> The creation of a board game for the general public and schools. (If you wish to obtain one free of charge for your school, association, toy library or tourist site of memory, please contact : Aurélie Stouse – IDELUX Projets publics –
> Development of a location map of the tourist destination “Land of Memory”.
> The marketing of remembrance tourist circuits in the Greater Region:
> The setting up of an immersive traveling exhibition Our Common Heritage which will be on tour in the Greater Region until spring 2022.